edge of sleep

Sweet Spot: The Edge of Sleep

Welcome to the new Mindfully Blunt topic section, Sweet Spot.

The phrase Sweet Spot is defined as “an optimum point or combination of factors or qualities.

The Sweet Spot section will consist of short pieces about some of the small and almost always overlooked joys of life we take for granted.

Today the Sweet Spot topic involves one of the many joys of life: sleep.

Sleep is sometimes bittersweet for those of us who do not get enough of it or have trouble falling and staying asleep. Adulting is hard and takes a toll on our bodies. I don’t think I know anyone within ten years of my age who has blissful sleep 100% of the time. If I get one full uninterrupted 8 hours (or more) of sleep in a two-week period, I consider it a ‘win’.

Sometimes I envy children who get naptimes; I am filled with a multitude of apologies to those who had to put up with my tantrums of not wanting to go to sleep as a child. I would gladly take all of those naps and early bedtimes now.


That Edge of Sleep Bliss

Last night at my house my friends and I were discussing sleep; I was already looking forward to a full restful night of the good stuff that very night.

It was suggested I write about that precious sliver of time we all take for granted, yet so very much look forward to – the twilight moments where your body is completely relaxed and you feel yourself drift off into dreamland – the edge of sleep.

Ah… that edge of sleep feeling – such complete and utter bliss. It’s almost as if you can feel the presence of the Sandman himself and hear the mellifluous tones of lullabies long-lost to your childhood days.

Your body completely relaxes and it’s almost as if you’re becoming one with your bed, blankets, pillows, and your surroundings start to blur. Slowly yet surely, your breathing sweetly shifts into rhythmic¬†slumber mode; your eyes flutter softly as that one last glimmer of stardust hits you. Then you gently float off without a care in the world to the most incredibly peaceful sleep ever.

Those moments are few and far between, but if you become more aware of that beautiful blissful moment of being on the edge of sleep, as I’m sure you will be now, it is sure to inject a bit of joy into your wakeful life.

And I’m sure you will agree, we could always use a little more joy in life.