Who is Laura Bock?


Laura Bock Writer Mindfully BluntA Writer, Artist, & Photographer.
A Sexy Fat Woman.
A Total Geek & Anglophile.
A Somewhat Social Introvert.
The Punk Rock Rainbow Brite.

A Certified Badass.

But let me get blunt with you since that is the mantra of this site

Been there, done that doesn’t even begin to cover it.

There’s many adjectives, similes, and metaphors I could use to describe the crazy, chaotic, and sometimes bizarre life experiences that have given me not only the kindling for my creativity but have sparked the towering inferno that is my body of work.

Writing is my passion, it’s been in my blood since I was a child and it’s gotten me through the many ups and downs of life. No one has an easy life, and those who tell you otherwise are lying. Everyone experiences strife and setbacks, but it is how you rise above and take control of your life that defines who you are.

I spent years furiously cutting toxic people (including family) out of my life. You know what they say, a family isn’t always your flesh and blood. After healing from my chaotic past, I attracted a new family of like-minded people who know how to support one another without judgments and toxicity. They are my tribe.

I openly declared war on depression and anxiety. While I still stumble and sometimes fall prey to their ways, I strive to not give them power over my life as I have in the past.

After I learned to wield my “fucked-up” (for lack of a better word) past and experiences for the greater good and make glorious things happen in my life, I used those (sometimes painful) experiences to write empowering and in-your-face truths about life, love, depression, and more.

Here’s to the future, fuck the past!

That being said…


What is Mindfully Blunt?


Mindfully Blunt is just another road in my lifelong journey.

It is my mission to pass along the wisdom I’ve accrued from my many blunders in life, making life easier for those who read my words.

While I am not a doctor or therapist, I’ve learned that sometimes we tend to learn more from those who have gone through hell and survived. I am here to help you bob and weave through life’s ups and downs and learn to give fewer fucks.

Fear is founded in the past and makes you anxious about the future.

Fear is powerful, almost like a drug, but if there’s one thing I have learned, it is that fear is useless. Fear holds you back from your future possibilities.

The bright side to this is that fear can be defeated by just moving forward – even when you cannot clearly see the road in front of you.

Just have a little faith.

My writings can be that voice that encourages you to take a chance, to have faith in your badass self, and to just jump into the unknown.

One of my favorite authors said it best:

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” – Kurt Vonnegut