easy life

Stop Wishing for an Easy Life!

If there’s one thing I’ve had my fill of seeing on Facebook this past week, it is memes saying “Please let 2019 be easy!”


I call bullshit!


Why would people want an easy life?

It is only through tough times, challenges, difficulties with life and people, and times of loss and heartache, that we are able to grow. Trying times test and build our strength and character.

As adults, we are sometimes expected to act a certain way and take fewer risks – this has made us soft. Having an easy life means taking no risks, doing the same thing day in and day out, and never trying anything new.


I don’t want an easy life and neither should you – an easy life makes you soft.


The only things I want in life that are soft are cats, dogs, pillows, and kisses.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to go on HSN and buy an easy life on their FlexPay plan? Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.

When we were in school we worked hard to achieve good grades so we could pass from one grade to the next and on to graduation. For those of us who went to college or had continuing schooling or job training, it surely wasn’t easy, but we did it.

Technology has made life easier, but we had to learn our way through using technology.

Speaking of technology, we need to stop focusing on watching the people we are connected to online; they only post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram the best of the best.

Everything isn’t always sunshine and daisies, even for those who seem like they haven’t a care in the world. Everyone has problems and difficulties. I’m sure they have piles of laundry, past due bills, unruly children, lackluster jobs, backstabbing friends, heartbreak, and similar challenges to us in their lives.

Life wasn’t meant to be easy, but the good news is that you can work smarter not harder in life, in essence making things easier on yourself.

Look at your setbacks as setups for finding more greatness in yourself and use them to add to your resume of badass-ness!


Easy Life = Less Challenges = Less Wisdom = Less Growth


So I propose, instead of wishing for an easy life in 2019, you wish for the strength to work through any problems you encounter this coming year and become a better badass than you are right now!

Wish for a healthier and stronger body, heart, mind, and soul.

Wish for and work towards gaining more wisdom in the coming year.

Be happy and grateful knowing you have all the things you need to grow; have faith that if you don’t, just by being in this mindset, the things you need will be attracted to you.

Set goals and crush them, then make more goals. Keep moving forward.

Become a better YOU in 2019. You’ve got this, I’m rooting for you!