be a dominant sex goddess

Be A Dominant Sex Goddess

Being dominant…

This is probably one of the easiest ways to feel empowered and most of all, totally badass in the bedroom!

Sensual domination is sexy, intense, and can be very fulfilling for both you and your lover… making him beg for more.

Once your man experiences this side of you, chances are he will look at you as if you were a Goddess sent down from the heavens.

Since the dawn of time, males have always been perceived to be the more dominating sex. This stereotypical thinking is still present today.

Because men feel they always have to be ‘manly’, not many want to yield control to a woman – at least they won’t openly admit it among their friends. Still, it is hard (no pun intended!) to find a man who can resist being seduced by a beautiful woman who exerts an air of dominance in herself. It is irresistible and extremely sexy.

You don’t need the leather attire and accouterments – unless you want them – to be a Dominant Sex Goddess in bed with your man.

All it takes is the right mindset and an attitude.


Confidence is Sexy

Do you want him to shiver in anticipation and teem with desire for you? Of course you do!

Fierce confidence is key to being dominant.

As I’m sure you already know, you must have love and respect for yourself before you can expect to garner it from a man (or anyone else for that matter!) – this is especially true while dominating.

Sometimes all it takes to find that confidence is to slip into some sexy lingerie, stockings and heels – there is a special kind of badass power in that.


It’s All in the Eyes

Eye-contact with your prey is tantamount to seduction.

Desire starts in the mind, remember this. Cleopatra knew this – she could seduce a man without laying a single finger on him. Like Cleopatra, you need to build and stoke that fire of desire within your man.

Stalk and take him down with serious, yet sexy and seductive glances. He’s not going to want to take his eyes off of you, so use that to your advantage.

Stare him down invitingly – make him wonder what is going on in your head as to what you are going to do to him.

If he’s laying down, straddle him and place your knees on his hands and look right into his eyes – mesmerize him and get him completely under your sultry spell. Run your hands over his face, lick your lips, and lean down as if to kiss him…

Then get up and walk away.


No Please Stop, No Please Don’t Stop

By this time, he’s probably ready to pounce and take control of the situation.

Shhhh… down boy… patience.

This is where it all gets really fun and you start giving him commands – and take the teasing up a few notches.

Have fun with this part! Be creative.

If he messes up and doesn’t follow your command, punish him. A pinch, tap, light smack with your hairbrush or simply denying him something will work. Again, be creative – you know your man best.

I like to combine commands with teasing my man – find your own mix that will drive him crazy. Keep in mind that you want to fire him up to where he’s begging you to have your way with him!


Lust on Fire

You should be feeling pretty damn powerful and extremely sexy by now – revel in it. This is the wonderful result of asserting your sexual dominance.

Does he want to kiss you? Go in as if you’re going to kiss him, cup your hand over his mouth, run your lips over his cheek and then kiss his forehead.

Does he love to give you oral sex? Straddle him right above his face, out of his reach and run your hands over yourself, slowly, showing him how you want him to touch you. All he can do is watch, smell and feel your heat.

He will turn into a drooling, panting dog in heat. Make him beg to please you. Make him work for it.

Delay the inevitable sexual fury that will ensue for as long as possible before you both consummate that lust.

Stay in control by riding on top and running your nails down his chest or even pinch and twist his nipples. Some men do not want to admit this is a huge turn-on for them! Find what works best for the both of you and always respect his limits.


By following these easy tips and tweaking them to your personal liking, it brings you that much closer to having the most intense and memorable sex you’ve both ever experienced.

As you can see, much of sensual domination is based on teasing, but you actually deliver after delaying, and the sex can be completely mind-blowing!

Just think – if you come in a way he’s never experienced before, you can be sure he will remember that and do it again. *wink wink*

It’s all about sharing intimacy, role play, the illusion of power, and delaying sensation all coming together as one.

This is just the beginning of opening yourself up to the wild and empowering abandon of domination. Have fun and let that fierce and feisty Dominant Sex Goddess take over!

You’ll have him begging… for more.