So You Want to be a Stripper?

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a stripper, this post is for you!

Trying to make ends meet can be difficult these days, especially if you are in college or just not making enough money at your regular job.

Maybe it was your friends who first suggested stripping to you, or you saw it on TV or the movies. How cool would it be to dance and show off your body for money? How much easier can it get, right?

You might even be telling yourself those lies that almost every dancer tells herself:

I’ll just do it to catch up on bills and then I’ll quit.

I’m doing it to get through school and then I’ll quit.

I just want to make enough to go on vacation and then I’ll quit.

Whatever the case, if you’re going to be truly successful in the adult entertainment world, I’ve got some advice for you! After working for over seven years as a house mom, a DJ, a Manager, and a bartender in strip clubs, I’m pretty sure I’m well versed on this topic.


So here it is, Stripper Etiquette 101


Making money is not always about nudity in a strip club, believe it or not.

If you don’t know the basics of communication, you’re not going to be good at making money. The fantasy extends from your looks – walking the walk, down to actual conversation – talking the talk.

There were dancers, night after night, who would get straight to the point, go over and ask a guy for a dance. Of course, the fella would almost always say yes; the girl would then give her 3-minute grinding tribute to the music on his lap, take his money and walk away.

Most of the time, she wouldn’t bother with him afterward, possibly talking him into more dances or even attempting to make him a regular customer; they made their money and it was now off to the next guy.

I knew a very smart and seasoned dancer that would watch these obvious novices – the girls who thought they were “making bank”; this smart dancer would go over and approach these guys once the girl walked away after the dance. She would sit and talk to the guys, sometimes for the rest of the night, and make a lot more than the first girl who only went after the one dance; she garnered a few regular customers in this way.

She understood that dancing is a lot like a sales job; you are selling a fantasy – body and mind – and follow-up was crucial.

Of course, you must have the physical allure to keep the guy interested in your conversation. These were sometimes lonely guys that came into the club to feel desired, and they paid for that attention from a beautiful woman.

Believe me, if it was all about intelligent conversation, I would have run rings around those girls making money!

Which brings me to the next part…


If you’re going to do a job, then make sure it’s done right – dress to impress.

From head to toe become the fantasy they’ve come to see and cap it off with tantalizing conversation skills.

There were only a few girls I ever worked with who were the complete package of a sexy mind and body; they made a lot of money, and it wasn’t hard for them to do. I used to encourage girls to watch the news and ESPN, to have something to converse and engage customers with.

Another tidbit I tried to pass on was that they should make the guy that they are sitting with feel like he is the center of the universe at that moment; no distracting cell phones, talking to people at another table, or staring off into space.

If a guy tells you that he is a plumber, you should look at him, touch his hand and say, “Wow, I always thought plumbers were sexy.” These guys do not want to hear about your personal problems and pity parties; they are sitting in a club to escape reality and experience a fantasy.

If only the girls who work in the clubs today would check their personal problems at the door, they would really make easy money.


It’s not all about the nudity – guys want teasing and seduction.

If you choose to work in the industry, you should strive to become the fantasy that these guys expect when they come in.

Sadly, some girls do not understand that combination; they think it is all about showing off tits and ass.

The guys that want to watch a stripper down on all fours bouncing her ass like a wild animal in heat to the latest obscene rap song do not have a lot of money; they are fly-by-night guys that drop a couple hundred dollars here and there, but in the long run, won’t be regulars.

Sure they’ll “make it rain”, but it’s always a short and passing storm.

And that brings me to one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever witnessed at the clubs…


Don’t sit with a guy just because you think he’s “hot”!

You’ll never make money because you’ll be too busy flirting with him all night.

Perhaps there’s another guy sitting there, alone, that’s not the best looking guy in the world, so you decide to pass him by and guess what – another smart dancer sits with him and makes thousands of dollars because she treated him like a king.

The biggest money makers in the industry will tell you it’s about having and maintaining a sexy body, possessing an outgoing personality and being able to talk about anything under the sun with a customer.

Be a modern-day courtesan – without sexual favors being exchanged.


And now for the BEST thing I learned by watching literally hundreds of girls in the industry…

In all honesty, truth be told, if you have these qualifications of beauty and brains, don’t become a stripper and take your skills elsewhere! I highly suggest you check out commissioned sales or marketing and get a real job you can be proud of at the end of the day.

They might not pay as well, but you can go to sleep every night without having a guilty conscience or having something from your past, like working as a stripper, coming back to haunt you.

Trust me, your future self will thank you for that decision.